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The best bicycles for sale online you find them on RoadHouse Motor. Our passion for bikes is born bicycle shop where to find dozens of models of the best brands at super affordable prices. Ten-year experience and love for speedboats are the key points of our online store that meets the needs of every cyclist: mountain bike, racing bike, serious or electric bike, RoadHouse Motor is the right place for you. Fast shipping throughout Italy.

Discover the sale of bicycles Road House Motor

Inside our bike shop online you will find a selection of the best bikes on the market, carefully selected by our team experts. The sale of bicycles is for us first of all a passion, as much of our staff consists of cyclists and enthusiasts. If you're wondering where to buy a new online bike, in our shop it's for you. Visit the store, choose among the best brands, find the model suitable for your needs and buy easily online.

Mountain Bike, Bike Racing Bike, but also electric bikes are on sale on Road House Motor

Ours specialized shop offers dozens of bikes for sale online for all tastes and needs: mountain bike, racing bike, electric bike, city bike, gravel, cyclocross, children's bike, fitness bike and chassis. All strictly of the best brands and carefully selected by our experts. We wanted to make an online bike sale ranging from MTB to BDC, to e-bikes so as to satisfy the needs and pleasure of each cyclist.

Bike Mountain Bike for MTB enthusiasts

Mountain bike (or MTB for fans) stands for freedom, fun and energy. With our two MTB wheels we can go where we want. Buy your mountain bike online on Road House Motor, choosing among the most prestigious brands: Trek, Scott, Lapierre, Fabrik and many more.

Electric bikes for those seeking extra push

In the interior of our online bike shop we chose some of the best electric bike and e-bike for anyone who wants to enjoy the bike in total carefreeness. Choose from the most prestigious online bike brands: Alpek, Emob and Husqvarna.

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Discover the catalogue racing bike road Hose Motor. If you are a fan of BDC this is the right online shop for you, born from the passion of our team towards these incredible bikes. Choose from two of the most important BDC brands in the world: Scott and Trek.

City Bike for leisure in the city

The City Bike are a great compromise for those looking for comfort and performance. Within our ecommerce bike you will find the best brands' city bikes at ultra affordable prices. What are you waiting for? Visit the online sale of Road House Motor bike.

Gravel Bike: versatility and power

The bike gravel by now they have conquered the heart of thousands of cyclists thanks to their versatility. Inside our store tovi different models of the best brands to give vent to your greatest passion.

Cyclocross Bikes for Insured Fun

The Ciclocross bike are the two-wheeled vehicle for those who never want to give up the fun and is willing to get dirty with the mud. For years now these bikes have seen the most skeptical cyclists passionate about you. What are you waiting for?! Visit the Road House bike shop!

Fitness Bike: comfort, but not only

Recently known in Europe, the Fitness Bike meet the tastes of all cyclists. Convenient, but handy, made with excellent materials, are a comfortable spade. Take a look at the selection in our ecommerce bike.

Children's bikes for tomorrow's fans

The bike for children are one of the most beautiful gifts to do to our son/nipot. for this reason on Road House Motor you will find a wide range of children's bikes of all models and types: MTB, racing bike and much more.

Telai Bici of the best brands at affordable prices

Give shape to your new bike choosing among the many bicycle frames of our shop. MTB chassis and racing bikes selected among the latest generation models of the most prestigious brands.

Clothing, accessories, bikes and much more for Cycling

Within Road House Motor we have inserted thousands of products of category cycling for fans of this fascinating sport and hobby. Hundreds of clothing items, mgilori bike brands and many accessories for all tastes and needs within our online shop.

Trek bicycles, Scott, SBK, Lombardo and many other prestigious brands

For our bike shop we chose only the best: the most prestigious brands of the market for the strongest passion of your life. Trekking, Scott, SBK, Lombardo, Emob, Fabrik, Husqvarna, Lapierre, Orbea, Torpado and many more.

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In our store you will find discounts, sale and offers on bicycles and accessories of the best brands. We know the passion for this pedal vehicle and for this we have selected bicycles at competitive prices and for all pockets creating also a section outlet bikes and occasionally coming also bikes used by us revised and developed. Discover our bike offers!

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