Prodotti TREK

Trek is a well-known name among bicycle fans, a brand with a story begun in a humble context, but that has achieved success at the competitive level.

There are different athletes who use trek bikes during national and international races, but also simple enthusiasts, who choose these bikes as a synonym for absolute quality and durability.

The story of Trek

The company Trek was founded in 1976 by Richard Burke and Bevel Holl and currently is headquartered in Wisconsin, with a large spread of its products throughout North America, but also in Europe and Asia.

Trek also brings together other brands like Bontrager or Electra and is the main sponsor of the Belgian team Tek-Segafredo, in partnership with the renowned coffee company.

The story of Trek left quite unfair: the first ever opened site was located in a barn and the company had little more than five employees.

The brand has grown with the intention of tearing a slice of market until then dominated by Italy or Japan, borrowing aerospace technology in the mid-1980s, to pave the way to carbon bikes.

From there on, Trek's success grew exponentially.

The Trek chassis

The patented OCLV carbon from Trek has become the model on which all other production houses have been adapted, thanks to the performance of robustness and lightness, which launched the Trek mountain bikes throughout the globe.

Despite the characteristics of carbon are perfect for high altitude cycling, the efficiency of Trek items is also found in other models and articles regarding cycling clothing.

The frames are also available individually and despite the brand's prices are not cheap, they are however preferred by cyclists, since buying a Trek bike is the same as making an investment.

The frames are made up of robust carbon tubes and wheels that allow to face even the most complicated routes, in the mountains or on rocky terrains; at the same time these bikes are lightweight and handy, as well as ideal for fast descents, thanks to excellent cushioning and weight reduction system.

The brand has remained undefeated in the front line, because of its ability to continually challenge the limits of the bike industry.