Roadhouse evaluates permute on the purchase of Bicycles or Moto, the permutation can be requested either by permutating a bike or vice versa, as well as in the normal case of a permuta moto - moto or bike - bike.

The permutation assessment for the purchase of a used product will be evaluated occasionally by an operator.

To get more information on how to proceed you must send the photos of the medium that you intend to transfer to whatsapp number: +39 345 059 5963 , it will be appropriate to provide information and a brief description on the medium.

The evaluation will be carried out and confirmed after viewing by the team of the medium.

  • In case of purchase of motorcycle the registration of the new medium (or the passage in case of permutation on used medium) will be carried out to the balance of the difference and after the delivery of the medium left in permuta.

  • In case of purchase of bike by permuta, the bike will be delivered after receiving the balance and the vehicle left in exchange.