Alligator Cables was founded in 1976 by President Ken Yen Wen in Taiwan under the name Liu Yih.

At first, and with only 5 employees producing brake and control cables for the bicycle industry, motorcycles and cars, Mr. Wen defined the principles of dedication to quality and innovation that led our company through over two decades of constant growth.

Over the past two decades, Alligator cables have undergone many changes adapting both to changes within the industry and to constant growth.

In 1994 the factory was transferred to a larger and more advanced structure to meet the growing demand of our product.Numerous modernization programs to computerize and automate as much as possible our operations have accompanied this growth.

Today Alligator cables are one of the world's leading manufacturers and designers of bicycle cables with over 15 patents worldwide to demonstrate our incessant dedication to improving cycling through an innovative design.

We have over 60 employees, a plant of over 2344 square meters and various international quality certifications including TUV ISO 9002 and, more recently, the VIA certification of Japan.



€12.50 €11.25
ALLIGATOR Disc brake pads, semi-metal magura Louise, Clara 2000

Compound "semi-metallic" durability double compared to standard organic pads, high coefficient of friction, excellent braking grips in all weather conditions. thermaguerd™ technology: ceramic layer and microfibers to lower and disperse heat. Patented double-layer compound prevents heat from transferring to the support plate.

Louise, Clara 2000
Compound: Metal Seeds
Spring Included: No
  • -10%