Prodotti AGV

AGV began its production of helmets in 1954 with the first fiberglass helmets, it was established in the following years thanks to the driving force in the design of helmets, providing continuous innovations related to comfort, safety, graphics up to the sponsorships with highly prestigious professional drivers.

In 2007 the brand was acquired by Dainese that does not share the innovative approach by combining the fruits of research efforts to those of design skills.

The union between AGV and Dainese allows today to offer unique and complete solutions in terms of safety and performance, ensuring protection.

The proposal AGV in our catalog:

Modular cable

Jet helmets

Complete helmets

The helmets are designed to offer optimal protection and comfort while driving.They are available in a variety of styles and colors, so you can find what best suits your needs.
The helmets AGV are equipped with advanced technology such as ventilation systems, retention systems, scratch-resistant visors and much more.They are also certified according to the highest safety standards, so as to ensure that you are always protected while riding.