For over thirty years Motocubo has been offering accessories and technical clothing for lovers of two wheels.

Thanks to an offer in which helmets stand out, some of which are characterized by a somewhat vintage design, this all-Italian brand has been able to win its place in the field of cycling clothing.

The story of a Made in Italy brand dedicated to the two wheels

Officially born in 2002, the brand Motocubo is internationally known and among bikers for the attention to the production of its products, focused on the continuous search for high quality materials, in order to respond in the best possible way to all the needs of consumers.

Among the most famous accessories Motocubo, it is impossible not to mention helmets, synonymous with Italian design but also safety: Motocubo models are as beautiful as they are functional and safe.

The brand produces different fencing helmets, both in bright and basic colors like black, each different from the other in every detail, including visor: In this way, Motocubo meets those who want original and personal accessories even while sitting on the saddle.

Among the characteristics that have made famous these helmets for scooters or motorcycles, are the excellent fit, comfort also on the road and the good seal. The design is extremely well-kept and perfect for every style.

Motocubo products: not only helmets

Of course, all Motocubo helmets are approved and tested in advance, but the brand is also dedicated to clothing, which includes both jackets and biker pants, along with clothing and shoes specific for the most unfavorable weather conditions.

Motocubo offers a range dedicated to rain, characterized by waterproof but at the same time breathable, durable and easy to wash.

Complete all accessories such as gloves, motorcycle covers and shoes. In these latter cases the choice is perhaps a little limited compared to helmets, but still valid.

The quality standards of Motocubo items are combined with an excellent price range, which allows fans of the two wheels to space between all these proposals without spending a capital and bringing home excellent products.

On Roadhouse Motor, you can find many Motocubo products, from must have, like helmets with a more vintage taste, up to models with clean lines, but also jeans, biker suits and various accessories.