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Safety QR Code - a small and discreet sticker, a QR code
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AIROH SAFETY QR CODE SQRC Safety QR Code - a small and discreet stickers , a QR code - a personal message - in case of first aid reads the message with the mobile phone HOW DOES THAT WORK? 5 EASY STEPS TO ACTIVATE SQRC 1) WITH iPHONE/iPOD TOUCH CAMERA OR OF YOUR SMARTPHONE FRAME THE QR CODE SHOWN ON THE SAFETY QR CODE LABEL. Airoh provides a package containing an ADHESIVE DEVICE* on which is reported the virgin QR CODE, CUSTOMIZABLE by the same buyer with a voice message for emergency emergencies. 2) THE SAFETY QR CODE APP RECOGNIZES THE QR CODE AS VIRGO AND SEND THE USER DIRECTLY TO THE RECORDING SCREEN. The voice message may contain your personal data, the person to contact in case of urgency, any allergies or intolerances, blood type, etc ... We have recorded a voice message for you as an EXAMPLE* of how it should be your Safety QR Code. 3)NOW YOU CAN RECORD YOUR PERSONAL VOICE MESSAGE. YOU WILL HAVE THE OPPORTUNITY TO LISTEN AGAIN AND EDIT YOUR MESSAGE UNTIL FINAL CONFIRMATION. Only the first time you will be asked to enter an e-mail address. This will serve in the future to receive the PIN needed to delete and record a new message. To guarantee your privacy we have also thought of a SECURITY STICKER * to be applied to the Safety QR Code sticker to protect your message from unwanted listening. 4)THE QR CODE IS READY TO USE. AT THIS POINT YOU CAN APPLY THE ADHESIVE OF SAFETY QR CODE TO THE HELMET. We recommend applying the adhesive on a flat area on the back of the helmet, it is the most protected position, so as not to compromise its reading. The adhesive is printed on GUARANTEED and RESISTANT material against wear and adverse atomhepheric conditions, it is universal and is SUITABLE FOR ALL HELMET MODELS. 5) IN CASE OF NEED, THE RESCUE STAFF, EQUIPPED WITH ANY SMARTPHONE ENABLED TO READ QR CODES, WILL BE ABLE TO READ THE MESSAGE INSTANTLY AND ACT ACCORDINGLY BY INTERVENING IMMEDIATELY. In case of need, the trained first aid personnel will only need to frame the QR code with any smartphone enabled to read QR Codes, to recognize the Safety QR Code and listen to the message. The Safety QR Code system is approved by: A.I.F.E. Italian Association Emergency Training

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